Why AgatePay EFTPOS

Is the best option for your business

Our services and fees are unmatched in Australia. No other competitor can provide as comprehensive services as Agatepay provides to its customers.

  • 0% Fee for New Businesses
    0% Fee for New Businesses
    Merchant service fee commission for new businesses for one year.This will help them to get upto speed with our comprehensive solution without paying any commission to Agate.
  • Access Your Money Instantly!
    Access Your Money Instantly!
    You won’t need to wait days or hours after settlement to access your money, you can access your money few seconds after each transaction.
  • Save up to 38% on Merchant Fee
    Save up to 38% on Merchant Fee
    With smart routing technology you could save up to 38% of your monthly merchant fee.
  • Order Your Terminal Online & Get it in 3 Days
    Order Your Terminal Online & Get it in 3 Days
    No need to wait few weeks to start your business, we have 100% online on-boarding process and we'll send within 24 hours after getting your application approved. You should receive it in 3-5 working days
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    Multiple Payment Methods
    Our terminal comes with multiple payment options, hence you can offer several payments methods to attract more customers.
  • FREE POS Software
    FREE POS Software
    All AgatePay EFTPOS terminals include lifetime subscription to our POS software with no extra charge.
  • Free Loyalty Program
    Free Loyalty Program
    You will have the flexibility to create your own customised loyalty program to drive more sale.
  • Cross Border Payment Acceptance
    Cross Border Payment Acceptance
    Directly accept payment from over 900 million customers (includes Asian tourist) using Alipay & WeChat Pay.
  • No Need to Change Bank
    No Need to Change Bank
    You can stay with your existing bank or change it any time.
  • 24/7 Support
    24/7 Support
    Our support team work around the clock to make sure your business running smoothly.
  • 99.9% Uptime
    99.9% Uptime
    By using dual channel connectivity, you get over 99.9% uptime
  • Free Business Insight Analytics
    Free Business Insight Analytics
    Use a sophisticated algorithm from AgatePay to give you a clear insight of your business incomes.

Some of the payment methods
you can choose are

Agate in News Media

Most Advanced Terminal
in Australia

  • 01
    Multiple Receipt Options; Customers Can Choose Between, Print, Email or Text
  • 02
    Pay-at-Table Ready; Customer Can Order and Pay from Anywhere !
  • 03
    Can Accept All Major Cards (Visa,Master,Amex,...) and Cross-boarder Payments (AliPay, WeChatPay,... to Any Other Digital Payments (Osko, QR, Bitcoin,...).
  • 04
    Extended Battery Life up to 8 Hours.
  • 05
    Can Integrate with USB or Wireless Printers & Barcode Scanner.
  • 06
    Can Connect to 3G, WiFi, or Both.
Merchants support

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1300 05 01 08

1300 05 01 08

3 easy steps

to order your EFTPOS Now

  • <span> 01. </span> Fill application form
    01. Fill application form
    After you choose your desire service and fill application form.
  • <span> 02. </span> Attach your ID-scan
    02. Attach your ID-scan
    For compliance reasons we will need your personal and business documents to complete your application.
  • <span> 03. </span> EFTPOS shipped in 24 hours
    03. EFTPOS shipped in 24 hours
    Once your application gets approved, we will send your welcome pack including EFTPOS terminal within 24 hours. Customers should receive the pack in 3-5 working days.

Use our FREE POS Or
bring your existing software

All Agate POS terminals comes with a life time FREE point of sale (POS) software. You can still use other POS provider or run your existing application on Agate EFTPOS terminal.

Below are some of the key feature of Agate POS software

  • Add and Manage unlimited number of products.
  • Various discounts,promotions and deal options.
  • Split payments.
  • Receive money without card (QR Code)
  • Issue customize tax invoices.
  • Detailed business reports and insights.
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Create your FREE loyalty program

You don’t need to be a company of certain size in order to create and run a loyalty program and to keep your customers happy. you can create and manage your customer loyalty program free of charge on our platform when you are using AgatePay EFTPOS terminal.

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