AgatePay's next generation EFTPOS, Helping businesses to attract more customers.

In Genesis Fintech Pty Ltd (Agatepay) we wants to eliminate different treatment that customers get from their EFTPOS providers around fees and services depending on the size of their company and the nature of their transactions.

Our motto is very simple, we aim to provide the flexibility in payment options and same affordable solutions to all customers irrespective of their sizes. With extensive background in payment space and a team that is very strong in Banking and Financial Services (BFS), we are very much focused on providing very comprehensive EFTPOS solution with a very competitive fees in the market.

We understand that almost all terminal providers only provide payment gateways to their customers and customers are left on their own to get their POS software and its integration with their EFTPOS. Making their challenge as our goal, we have created a very unique terminal solution with integrated POS software for no extra cost to our users.

Some of the partners who have helped us to get here.

Video podcast
from Agate Conference 2017

This event was held on Pivotal Lab and it was the official announcement of Agate project when we had Agate MVP.

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